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About Mr. Reverse Mortgage

Ray Fry is a reverse mortgage specialist at HighTechLending and has over 17 years experience doing reverse mortgages. He provides his borrowers with personal attention and the information they need to determine if a reverse mortgage is the right financial program for their unique situation. Ray is a licensed real estate broker and has a Masters Degree in Finance from UC Berkeley. His specialty is helping older adults fully understand the reverse mortgage program and determine if the program can be used to solve their financial problems. Ray comes to the Reverse Mortgage industry with over 40 years experience in Finance and Planning.  Ray is also an older adult himself, (born in 1944, on Medicare and Social Security), so he is living through the issues and problems being faced by people his age. Ray hosted a weekly radio show for two years on helping people prepare for retirement and appeared on local TV answering questions on the reverse mortgage program.

"I decided to enter the reverse mortgage field  because as a Senior myself, I'm thoroughly knowledgeable about the financial, health and other key issues being faced by older adults. My age, experience and financial background enables me to fully understand your unique needs and to help you decide if a reverse mortgage would be a suitable financial option."